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PD MS 7th Grade Family History Project: Image Databases

7th graders research a historical event that a family member experienced or was affected by. They also try to read a historical fiction novel in relation to that time period.

Using images that copyright free

Where do I find images that I can use in my projects that are free and legal?

ALL IMAGES must be cited!

No matter their source!

Japanese Surrender, Tientsin, China. October 1945. Archives Branch, USCM History Division. Attribution (http://creativecommons.or/licenses/by/2.0/). Accessed 14 Oct. 2018.

Image Quest


You can copy and paste the CITATION! 


Mrs. Boyer's Favorite! :)

Photos for Class

Google Images

Creative Commons

Image Citation Help

Ref: Image from 


Citing a Personally Taken Photograph

How to Cite in MLA Style a Personally taken Photograph

To cite a personal photograph, begin with a description of its subject, neither underlined nor placed in quotation marks. Indicate the person who took the photograph and the date it was taken.


Example --

Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London. Personal photograph by author. 7 Mar. 1999. 


Example retrieved from -