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PD MS 8th Grade Science - Evolution: Home

MS Pudong 8th Grade Science/Evolution Project

MS Science - Evolution

Project Goal: To creatively demonstrate your understanding of natural selection as the driving force of evolution. This is your opportunity to deeply explore the selective pressures that have shaped the form and behavior of particular species of organism!

There are literally millions of possible topics… for inspiration, you may wish to look at some of the evolutionary adaptations Mr. Banino discussed in his in-class presentation.


  • A detailed explanation, based on evidence, that describes how genetic variations of traits in a particular population of organisms may have increased some individuals’ probability of surviving, reproducing, and generating reproductively successful offspring in a specific environment, leading to evolution of the species.
    • This should be a specific example of actual evolution in the real world; it may be helpful to show differences with other closely related organisms and their selective pressures
    • It may be helpful to show how changes in the organism’s environment (predation, climate, food sources, etc.) produced the selective pressure that led to evolution of the species
  • An illustrated model or models (can be 2-D or 3-D, but not just words) that shows an example of evolution at work, applying Darwin’s ideas of natural selection to this real-life occurrences.
  • Extension (optional): explore how present environmental conditions and/or human impact might influence further changes in the trait in the future
  • Extension (optional): provide and explore an analogous situation of evolution that is not natural selection, e.g. an instance of intentional breeding, or some aspect of human language, culture, or technology

We are looking for evidence of thoughtful reflection and critical thinking, and of how well you can apply your understanding of natural selection to a real-world scenario. All words and ideas must be your own, obviously; any research must be properly cited.

You may work individually or with a partner, but if working with a partner you mustpursue at least one of the project extensions listed above.

Finished project will not be due until early December but there will be several interim deadlines for project components that align with lessons and labs experienced in the science classroom.

(Rubrics and due dates TBA)