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PD HS 9th Grade Asian History Research Project: Pudong Secondary Library Book List

Mao's Legacy

Library Resource List

The SAS Pudong Secondary Library has many resources to assist your research.  Please see your librarian for help finding and using our Books, DVD, and Research Databases.

Pudong Secondary Library Book List - Mao's Legacy Part 1

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Sorted by Call Number / Author.

079 FRE

French, Paul, 1966-. Through the looking glass : China's foreign journalists from Opium Wars to Mao. Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, c2009.
Describes the history and experiences of China's foreign journalists, covering newspapers printed in the European factories of Canton in the 1820s, a duel between two editors over the future of China, a fistfight in Shanghai over the revolution, and more.

307.1 HAN

Han, Dongping. The unknown cultural revolution : life and change in a Chinese village. New York : Monthly Review Press, c2008.
Communist power and rural political culture -- Rural education : unfulfilled promise -- Collectivization and obstacles to economic development -- Cultural revolution and political empowerment -- Rural educational reforms during the cultural revolution -- Rural economic development during the cultural revolution -- Negating the cultural revolution. Argues that China's Cultural Revolution fostered dramatic improvements in the social, political, and economic development of the country's rural areas.

327.51 CHE

Chen, Jian, 1952-. Mao's China and the Cold War. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2001.
Chronicles China's involvement in the Cold War under Mao, discussing such topics as the Chinese Civil War in 1945-46 and China's role in the Korean War, the First Indochina War, the Polish and Hungarian Crises of 1956, the Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1958, the Vietnam War, and the Sino-American rapprochement in the early 1970s.

327.73 MAC

Macmillan, Margaret Olwen. Nixon and Mao : the week that changed the world. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.
Explores the relationship between China and the United States during the 1970s and Richard Nixon's historic 1972 trip to China and meeting with Mao Tse-tung that opened the doors between the new nations.

330.951 MER

Meredith, Robyn. The elephant and the dragon : the rise of India and China and what it means for all of us. New York : W.W. Norton, 2008, c2007.
Introduction: Tectonic economics -- Where Mao meets the middle class -- rom the spinning wheel to the fiber-optic wire -- ade by America in China -- The Internet's spice route -- The disassembly line -- India's cultural revolution -- Revolution by dinner party -- Geopolitics mixed with oil and water -- A catalyst for competitiveness.

363.7 SHA

Shapiro, Judith, 1953-. Mao's war against nature : politics and the environment in revolutionary China. Cambridge, UK ; : Cambridge University Press, 2001.
Examines the impact of Maoist politics on China's environment, discussing the consequences of the Chinese Communist Party's attempts to bend the physical world to human will, and arguing that the abuse of nature has a direct link to the abuse of people.

363.8 BEC

Becker, Jasper. Hungry ghosts : Mao's secret famine. New York : The Free Press, c1996.
Draws from interviews with hundreds of survivors to provide information about how the Communist reforms instituted in China in the years betwen 1958 and 1962, and the reluctance of officials to oppose Mao Zedong, led to massive crop failures and famine that claimed millions of lives.

365 YE

Ye, Ting-xing, 1952-. My name is number 4 : a true story from the cultural revolution. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2008, c2007.
Ting-Xing Ye recounts the brutality, horror, and desperation she and her family faced during the Chinese cultural revolution and reflects on how those events impacted every aspect of her life.

915.1 MAO

Mao, Xiang, author. Beijing walks : like a flying feather through the hutongs.
This book introduces 16 unique walks, discovered by the author personally. Walking through old Beijing hutongs, you will pass or visit many sites that you cannot find in any other tourist guide books, such as the last emperor's mansion, princes palaces, residences of famous historical figures, temples and churches, old Embassy Row, imperial government offices, famous commercial streets with old shops, as well as mysteries and stories behind the walls...Pictures and maps are also provided to guide in each walk. Background information enriches knowledge about the events and stories which happened in this imperial capital.

920 MOR

Morris, Neil, 1946-. Modern world leaders. [North Mankato, Minn.] : Chrysalis Education ;, c2003.
Introduction -- Adolf Hitler -- Joseph Stalin -- Winston Churchill -- John F. Kennedy -- Mao Zedong -- Indira Gandhi -- Ruhollah Khomeini -- Fidel Castro -- Mikhail Gorbachev -- Nelson Mandela -- Glossary -- Index. Discusses the lives and achievements of some of the major political leaders in the history of the modern world, including Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others.

921 CHE

Chen, Da, 1962-. China's son : growing up in the Cultural Revolution. New York : Delacorte, c2001.
Da Chen recounts the experiences he had while growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution.

921 CHE

Chen, Da, 1962-. Colors of the mountain. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, 2001, c1999.
An autobiography of Da Chen, who describes how he and his family survived the Cultural Revolution in China.

921 CHE

Cheng, Nien, 1915-. Life and death in Shanghai.
The author tells of her solitary confinement and torture as a wealthy Chinese woman during the Cultural Revolution.

921 CUN

Li, Cunxin, 1961-. Mao's last dancer. Berkley trade pbk. ed.
Li Cunxin, a principal dancer with the Houston Ballet and Australian Ballet, explains how his childhood of poverty in rural China changed when he was selected by Madame Mao to attend the dance academy in Beijing, tells how his devotion to Communist philosophy was shaken during his first visit to the U.S. as part of an exchange program with the Houston Ballet, and discusses his eventual defection to the West.

921 CUN

Li, Cunxin, 1961-. Mao's last dancer. Young readers' ed.
Li Cunxin, a principal dancer with the Houston Ballet and Australian Ballet, explains how his childhood of poverty in rural China changed when he was selected by Madame Mao to attend the dance academy in Beijing, tells how his devotion to Communist philosophy was shaken during his first visit to the U.S. as part of an exchange program with the Houston Ballet, and discusses his eventual defection to the West.

921 FU

Fu, Ping, 1958-. Bend, not break : a life in two worlds. New York : Portfolio/Penguin, 2012.
Three friends of winter -- Behind every closed door is an open space -- I am precious -- Blood is thicker than water -- Everybody is somebody -- Who can say what is good or bad? -- The number one strategy is retreat -- Life is a mountain range. In her autobiography, Ping Fu tells her story as she lived it--from child soldier and political prisoner to a CEO and "Inc." magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year.

921 JIA

Jiang, Ji-li. Red scarf girl : a memoir of the Cultural Revolution. 1st ed.
The author tells about the happy life she led in China up until she was twelve-years-old when her family became a target of the Cultural Revolution, and discusses the choice she had to make between denouncing her father and breaking with her family, or refusing to speak against him and losing her future in the Communist Party.

921 LI

Li, Charles N., 1940-. The bitter sea : coming of age in a China before Mao. 1st Harper Perennial ed. New York : Harper Perennial, 2009, c2008.
Nanjing, 1944-1945 -- The mansion -- The slum -- Shanghai, 1946-1950 -- The metropolis -- The fall of Shanghai -- Hong Kong, 1950-1957 -- Fathers and sons -- Blind ambition -- Teen years in Hong Kong -- A hidden agenda -- Guangzhou, communist China, 1957-1958 -- The reform school -- A rude awakening -- Hong Kong, 1958-1961 -- Vulgar materialism. The author, the youngest son of a wealthy Chinese government official, describes his experiences after Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists came to power in 1945 and his father was jailed for treason, following his path from a dangerous Nanjing slum to life as an independent Chinese American.

921 MAO

Chang, Jung, 1952-. Mao : the unknown story. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, 2006.
Presents a biography of Mao Tse-Tung, leader of China's Communist Revolution, providing detailed information on his childhood, his education, military career, and impact on the culture, economics, and politics of China and the world.

Pudong Secondary Library Book List - Mao's Legacy Part 2


Sorted by Call Number / Author.

921 MAO

Chang, Jung, 1952-. Mao : the unknown story. 1st American ed. New York : Knopf, 2005.
Presents a biography of Mao Tse-Tung, leader of China's Communist Revolution, providing detailed information on his childhood, his education, military career, and impact on the culture, economics, and politics of China and the world.

921 MAO

Hatt, Christine. Mao Zedong. North American ed., U.S. ed. Milwaukee, WI : World Almanac Library, 2004.
The early years -- Imperial China -- Finding a road -- Chinese philosophies -- Communists and Nationalists -- War and revolution -- The People's Republic -- The Cultural Revolution and after. Describes the life of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong in the context of the history of 20th century China and his immense impact on that history.

921 MAO

Spence, Jonathan D. Mao Zedong. New York : Viking, 1999.
A biography of Chinese ruler Mao Zedong, discussing how he was able to rise to a position of leadership, and considering some of the myths he constructed about his life to contribute to his aura of power.

921 MAO

Stefoff, Rebecca, 1951-. Mao Zedong : founder of the People's Republic of China. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, c1996.
A biography of Mao Zedong, founder of a communist state in China in 1949, hailed by some as a hero, by others, a tyrant.

921 MAO

Stewart, Whitney, 1959-. Mao Zedong. Minneapolis, MN : Twenty-First Century Books, c2006.
Building a red nation -- Anoint the East -- Rebellion -- A troubled republic -- Shifting political winds -- The caves of Yanan -- Invaders from the East -- Rebuilding China -- Behind closed doors -- Comrades falling -- Epilogue -- Chronology of Mao's life -- Glossary -- Prominent Chinese people 1900-1976 and pronunciation guide. A brief biography of Mao Zedong, the leader of the Communist totalitarian regime in China in 1949, providing information on his early life, his education, and his impact on Chinese life.

921 MCC

Fulcher, Helen McCraken. Mission to Shanghai : the life of medical service of Josiah C. McCraken. New London, N.H. : Tiftin, 1995.

921 MIN

Min, Anchee, 1957-. Red azalea. Berkley ed. New York : Berkley Books, 1995.
A memoir from a one-time supporter of the Maoist regime who experienced life in China as a member of the communist party and as a political prisoner on a labor farm.

921 MIN

Min, Anchee, 1957-. Red Azalea. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, 2006.
A memoir from a one-time supporter of the Maoist regime who experienced life in China as a member of the communist party and as a political prisoner on a labor farm.

921 SAL

Salzman, Mark. Iron & silk. Vintage Departures ed. New York : Vintage Books, 1990.
An American describes his experiences after his arrival in Hunan Province in 1982 to teach English, including his wushu training and life in post-Mao China.

921 WON

Wong, Jan. Red China blues : my long march from Mao to now.
Memoirs of a Canadian journalist who spent time in China during the Maoist regime and was transformed from a devout communist into a supporter of the dissident protests of the 1990s.

950 LEI

Leibo, Steven A., 1950-. East, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific, 1999. 32nd ed. Harpers Ferry, W. Va. : Stryker-Post, c1999.
Covers the region of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific, providing historical background along with information on political activity, economy, social conditions, and culture.

950 MEY

Meyer, Milton Walter. Asia : a concise history.
Presents the history and political conditions across the Asian continent from prehistory through the twentieth century including Afghanistan and Indonesia, and focuses on the development of Indian and Chinese civilization as well as China's rim lands of Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, Mongolia, and the Koreas.

950.4 COO

Cook, Chris, 1945-. The Facts on File Asian political almanac. New York : Facts on File, c1994.
A guide to basic facts and figures on Asia, including historical information, international organizations, governments, political parties, population trends, and more.

951 ALL

All about Shanghai and environs : a standard guide book, historical and contemporary facts and statistics. Hong Kong: : Earnshaw Books, 2008, (1934-1935.).

951 BER

Bergère, Marie-Claire. Shanghai : China's gateway to modernity. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, [2009].
Foreigners in the town (1843-1853) -- Local diplomacy and national policy (1853-1864) -- The birth of Shanghai capitalism (1860-1911) -- The kaleidoscope of Shanghai society -- The concessions as a model -- The 1911 revolution -- The metropolis (1912-1937) -- The golden age of Shanghai capitalism (1919-1937) -- The revolutionary center (1919-1937) -- Order and crime (1927-1937) -- Haipai and the ideal of modernity -- The end of a world (1937-1952) -- The war, the occupation, and the end of international status -- Backward into revolution (1945-1952) -- Shanghai under communism -- Shanghai in disgrace under the Maoist regime -- The rebirth of Shanghai (1990-2000). Chronicles the history of Shanghai, China, and identifies contact with foreigners as the driving force in the development of the thriving metropolis.

951 BIC

Bickers, Robert A. Empire made me : an Englishman adrift in Shanghai. New York : Columbia University Press, c2003.
"Offers a rare glimpse of imperialism and the making of modern China seen from the perspective of a working-class Englishman enforcing the order of everyday life on the streets of Shanghai"--Provided by publisher.

951 BLU

Blunden, Caroline. Cultural atlas of China. Rev. ed. New York : Checkmark Books, c1998.
Explores the geographical/ethnographic background, and cultural history of China, and features a tour of modern-day regions. Includes a chronological table, over fifty maps, and illustrations.

951 BO

Bo, Zhiyue. The history of modern China. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2006.
Presents a comprehensive study of the history of modern China and its transformation from semi-colonial nation to an independent Communist state, and discusses China's political and economic role in the world, and more.

951 BUT

Butterfield, Fox. China, alive in the bitter sea = : [Kʿu hai yü sheng]. New York : Times Books, 1982.
Through anecdotes and profiles, Butterfield dissects the cliches about China--the repression, the official corruption, and the popular disenchantment with the Communists that helped form the background for the Tiananmen demonstrations.

951 CAM

The Cambridge encyclopedia of China. 2nd ed. Cambridge [England] ; : Cambridge University Press, 1991.
Provides basic information on China's geography, natural resources, economy, political structures and covers the history and culture of traditional Chinese civilization.

951 CAR

Carter, Alden R. China past-China future. New York : Franklin Watts, c1994.
The first Chinese -- Emperors, dynasties, and mandarins -- Invaders from the North -- A collision of cultures -- Decades of turmoil -- The building of the people's republic -- New hopes, broken hopes -- The democracy movement -- Since Tiananmen. Photographs and text present a history of China with an overview of life in the 1990s and a look at its possible future, considering an increasingly young population which is dissatisfied with communism.

951 CHA

Chang, Gordon G. The coming collapse of China. 1st ed.
Argues that The People's Republic of China is collapsing and explains how the country's collapse would affect the world economy.

951 CHI

Cushing, Lincoln, 1953-. Chinese posters : Art from the great proletarian cultural revolution. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2007.
Introduction --Revolutionary Chinese posters and their impact abroad -- People, poverty, politics, and posters -- Nature and transformation -- Production and mechanization -- Women hold up half the sky -- Serve the people -- Solidarity -- Politics in command -- After the cultural revolution. Contains color reproductions, with commentary, of posters produced by the Chinese Communist Party between 1966 and 1976 which present idealized views of Chinese society, agriculture, industry, education, and other areas of life influenced by the Cultural Revolution.

951 CHI

China. 1st American ed. New York : DK Pub., c2007.
Photographs and text explore the history, people, culture,and economy of China. Includes a time line and an index.

951 COL

Coltman, Robert, 1862-1931. Beleaguered in Peking; : the boxer's war against the foreigner,. Philadelphia, : F.A. Davis co., 1901.

951 DRA

Dramer, Kim. People's Republic of China. Rev. ed. New York : Children's Press, 2007.
The center of the world -- A land of contrasts -- Wild things -- The march of history -- Governing one billion people -- The sleeping dragon awakens -- People of the People's Republic -- Between heaven and earth -- Rich traditions -- Life in China -- Timeline. Describes the geography, plants, animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, sports, arts, and people of China.

951 EBR

Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, 1947-. The Cambridge illustrated history of China. 1st paperback ed. Cambridge ; : Cambridge University Press, 1999.
Studies the shaping of Chinese civilization, examining the country's arts, culture, economics, and society; looking at the treatment of women, foreign policy, emigrations and politics; and emphasizing the major social and cultural developments and their impact on the lives of ordinary people.

951 ELD

Elder, BJ, 1933-. Oriole's song : growing up American in wartime China. Norwalk : EastBridge, 2003.
The author relates the experiences of her first sixteen years growing up in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, during the turbulent years of the Japanese invasion through World War II and the civil war that followed.

951 FAI

Fairbank, John King, 1907-. China : a new history. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1992.
An account of China and its people over 4 millennia.

951 FAI

Fairbank, John King, 1907-1991. The great Chinese revolution, 1800- 1985. 1st Perennial Library ed. New York : Harper & Row, 1987.
A history of modern China recounting the gains, struggles and failures of the Chinese people since 1800.

951 FIE

Field, Andrew David. Shanghai's dancing world : cabaret culture and urban politics, 1919-1954.

951 FIE

Field, Catherine. China. Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 2000.
Examines the land and cities, history, economy, arts and culture, and future outlook of China, and includes an almanac, time line, glossary, and bibliography.

951 GOR

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society China.
1. Peking is like Paris by Paul French 2. "lady Precious Stream" Returns Home by Da Zheng 3. Chinatown, Washington, DC by Lilian Willens 4. The Influence of HIstory on Shanghai's Music by Didier Pujol 5. The Human Face of Early Modern Astronomy in China by Richard de Grijs 6. Attempting to Find ClosureL Datong Dazhang by Julie Chun 7. China's Challenge: Using Culture as an Instrument of Soft Power by Barnaby Powel & Alex Mackinnon 8. Man on a Mission: Discovering the Life of Henri Simonin through a pair of Antique Postcards by Susie Gordon 9. The Technique and Spirit of Chinese Poetry by Lin Yutang. Writings of the Royal Asiatic Society into aspects of Asian Culture/China.

951 GRI

Grieder, Jerome B. Intellectuals and the state in modern China : a narrative history. New York : Free Press ;, c1981.

951 HAW

Haw, Stephen G. A traveller's history of China. 1st Amer. ed., 4th ed.
Provides historical information for travelers about China, covering a period that ranges from prehistory through the twentieth century; focusing on those factors that have impacted the sites and monuments of the country. Includes a chronology, maps, and illustrations.

951 HES

Hessler, Peter, 1969-. Oracle bones : a journey through time in China. 1st Harper Perennial ed.
Explores how China has changed over the last century, focusing on the role of the Chinese people in this transformation and the country's growing links to the Western world and its people.

951 KUB

Kublin, Michael. China. 3rd ed. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., c1991.
Examines China's history and culture from ancient times to its progress under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping.

951 LOV

Lovell, Julia, 1975-. The Great Wall : China against the world, 1000 BC-AD 2000. 1st American ed. New York : Grove Press ;, c2006.
Traces the history of the Great Wall of China from 1000 B.C. to 2000 A.D., discussing the role the Wall has played in China's history, development, military campaigns, relations with adjoining countries, and culture throughout time.

951 LOV

Lovell, Julia, 1975-. The Great Wall : China against the world, 1000 BC-AD 2000. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Grove Press ;, 2006.
Traces the history of the Great Wall of China from 1000 B.C. to 2000 A.D., discussing the role the Wall has played in China's history, development, military campaigns, relations with adjoining countries, and culture throughout time.

951 LOV

Lovell, Julia, 1975- author. The Opium War : drugs, dreams and the making of China.
Discusses the history of the Opium War and how it has helped make modern China.

Pudong Secondary Library Book List - Mao's Legacy Part 3


Sorted by Call Number / Author.

951 LUH

Luh, Shu Shin. The people of China. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2006.
Presents a comprehensive study of the different ethnic groups who live in China including the Han, the largest group, and describes their individual history, customs, and beliefs.

951 MAR

Martin, Brian G. The Shanghai Green Gang : politics and organized crime, 1919-1937. Berkeley : University of California Press, [1996].
Describes the Shanghai Green Gang and its charismatic leader, Du Yuesheng and argues that the Green Gang, the most powerful secret society in China during the first half of the twentieth century, was a resilient social organization that adapted successfully to the complex environment of a modernizing urban society.

951 MCL

McLenighan, Valjean. China, a history to 1949. Chicago : Childrens Press, c1983.
Presents the history until 1949 of the country with the oldest continuing history of any nation.

951 MEY

Meyer, Milton Walter. China : a concise history. 2nd ed., rev. Lanham, Md. : Littlefield Adams Quality Pbks., c1994.
Examines the history of China chronologically from prehistoric times to the present, looking at the various dynasties. Includes sections on Chinese society, politics, literature, arts, science, and architecture.

951 MOD

Modern China : an encyclopedia of history, culture, and nationalism. New York : Garland Pub., 1998.
Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about the politics, arts, business, literature, education, journalism, and other aspects of the social, cultural, and economic life of modern China; covering a period that ranges from 1839 to 1997.

951 MOR

Morton, W. Scott (William Scott). China : its history and culture. 4th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2005.
Traces the history of China from Neolithic times to the early twenty-first century, discussing various dynasties, the Republican, Communist, and Cultural Revolutions, and other topics.

951 OSB

Osborne, Milton E. River road to China : the search for the sources of the Mekong, 1866-73. 1st American ed. New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, c1996.
Tells the story of the six Frenchmen who in 1866 began a two-year quest to map the treacherous course of Southeast Asia's Mekong River; includes more than thirty full-color illustrations by the expedition's artist.

951 PER

Perkins, Dorothy. Encyclopedia of China : the essential reference to China, its history and culture. New York : Facts on File, [1998], c1999.
Contains over one thousand alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about various aspects of China, covering geography, religion, popular culture, art, literature, history, politics, foreign relations, and other topics.

951 PLA

Platt, Stephen R. Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom : China, the West, and the epic story of the Taiping Civil War. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.
Dramatis Personae -- Chronology of Major Events -- Prologue: Heaven's Children -- pt. 1. Twilight -- The Preacher's Assistant -- Neutrality -- The Shield King -- Soundings -- An Appointment in the North -- pt. 2. Order Rising -- A Reluctant General -- The Force of Doctrine -- Perils of Civilization -- Endurance -- Heaven and Earth -- Crossings -- pt. 3. The Great Peace -- The Point of No Return -- Vampires -- Flowering Rain -- Blood and Honor -- Crossing the Mountain -- Epilogue. Presents a history of the nineteenth-century Taiping Rebellion in China, looking at how it began in the provinces with the ethnic anger of millions of Chinese against their Manchu rulers and the direction the civil war took after Britain and the United States stepped into support the Manchus.

951 RIB

Riboud, Marc. Marc Riboud in China : forty years of photography. New York : Abrams, 1997.
A collection of black-and-white photographs taken in China over the course of four decades, accompanied by comments from the French photographer that explain the time, place, and circumstance of each image.

951 ROB

Roberts, J. A. G., 1935-. Modern China : an illustrated history. Stroud, Gloucestershire : Sutton Pub., 1998.
Provides an introduction to the history of China since 1800, with chapter summaries and a chronology.

951 SAL

Salas, Laura Purdie. China. Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books/Capstone Press, c2002.
Provides a brief introduction to the climate, culture, landforms, wildlife, history, government, economy, and traditions of China.

951 SCH

Schmitz, Rob, author. Street of Eternal Happiness : big city dreams along a Shanghai road. First edition.
"Modern Shanghai: a global city in the midst of a renaissance, where dreamers arrive each day to partake in a mad torrent of capital, ideas, and opportunity. Marketplace's Rob Schmitz is one of them. He immerses himself in his neighborhood, forging deep relationships with ordinary people who see in the city's sleek skyline a brighter future, and a chance to rewrite their destinies... A tale of 21st century China, "Street of Eternal Happiness" profiles China's distinct generations through multifaceted characters who illuminate an enlightening, humorous, and at times heartrending journey along the winding road to the Chinese Dream..."--Provided by publisher.

951 SHA

Sharf, Frederic Alan. China, 1900 : the eyewitnesses speak : the experience of Westerners in China during the Boxer Rebellion, as described by participants in letters, diaries and photographs. London : Greenhill Books ;, 2000.
Chronicles the events surrounding the Boxer Rebellion in June, 1900, with first-hand accounts from American, British, Japanese, and German eyewitnesses, and an overview of the impact the rebellion had on China.

951 SPE

Spence, Jonathan D. The search for modern China. 1st ed. New York : Norton, c1990.
The history of China for over four hundred years through the spring of 1989.

951 SPE

Spence, Jonathan D. The search for modern China. New York : Norton, 1991, c1990.
Traces the history of China over the course of four hundred years, from about 1600 through the late twentieth century.

951 WAL

Waley, Arthur. The Opium War through Chinese eyes. Pbk. ed. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 1968.
A study of the Opium War as seen from the perspective of the Chinese, drawing from translations of a number of intimate documents, such as diaries, autobiographies, and confessions, to chart the course of the conflict from 1839 when Commissioner Lin demanded the English surrender their shipments of opium, to the signing of the Nanking treaty in 1842.

951 WAL

Waley-Cohen, Joanna. The sextants of Beijing : global currents in Chinese history. New York : W. W. Norton, 2000, c1999.
Addresses long-held stereotypes about Chinese civilization and argues that those stereotypes have long obscured the diverse culture of China.

951 WAS

Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N. Global Shanghai, 1850-2010 : a history in fragments. London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2009.
1850: The birth of a newspaper -- 1875: Putting the city on the map -- 1900: A year of fire and sword -- 1925: A city in the streets -- 1950: An in-between year -- 1975: The east was red -- 2000: A city in a hurry. "Explores the play of international forces and international ideas about Shanghai, looking backward as far as its transformation into a subdivided treaty port in the 1840s, and looking forward to its upcoming hosting of China's first World's Fair, the 2010 Expo"--Back cover.

951 WHI

Whiteford, Gary T., 1941-. China. Philadelphia : Chelsea House, c2003.
1. Introduction -- 2. The Natural Landscape -- 3. China Through The Centuries -- 4. People and Culture -- 5. Government -- 6. Economy -- 7. Regional Contrasts -- 8. China Looks Ahead. Describes the history, geography, government, economy, people and culture of China.

951 WIL

Wills, John E. (John Elliot), 1936-. Mountain of fame : portraits in Chinese history. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [1996], c1994.
Explores the history and culture of China through profiles of twenty individuals, including statesmen, philosophers, poets, and rulers, who were influential in some of the country's most significant trends and periods.

951 XIN

Xinran, 1958-. China witness : voices from a silent generation. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Pantheon Books, c2008.
Yao Popo, or the Medicine Woman of Xingyi -- Two Generations of the Lin Family: the curse of a legend -- New discoveries in Xinjiang, the world's biggest prison -- On the road, interlude 1 : interview with a North-Western taxi driver -- Pioneers of China's Oil : a distinguished husband and wife -- Acrobat : from counter-revolutionary's daughter to National Medal Winner -- On the Road, interlude 2 : talking to a Chinese colleague about Tibet, folk customs, tiger stoves and the Chinese Jews -- Tea houses and news singers : three thousand years of anecdotes and wonders -- Carrying on a craft tradition : the Qin Huai lantern-makers -- Across mountain and grassland : a witness to the Long March -- Savouring her blessings after trials and tribulations : the woman general born in America -- Interlude 3 : love letters -- On the road, interlude 4 : reflections between the lines -- The policeman : a cop who entered the police force as the People's Republic was founded -- The shoe-mender mother : 28 years spent out in all weathers -- On the road, interlude 5 : a squall at the 4 May Memorial -- Afterword : images of my motherland. Collects oral histories from China's twenty-first-century grandparents and great-grandparents, and details first-person accounts of the major changes in China that began in the twentieth century.

951.03 DER

Der Ling, Princess. Two years in the forbidden city. Hong Kong : Earnshaw Books, 2007 [c1911].

951.03 YUN

Yung, Wing, 1828-1912. My life in China and America. Hong Kong: : Arno Press, 2008 [c1909].

951.035 BAC

Backhouse, E. (Edmund), Sir, 1873-1944. Décadence Mandchoue : the China memoirs of Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse. Hong Kong : Earnshaw Books, 2015.
"In 1898 a young Englishman walked into a homosexual brothel in Peking and began a journey that, as he claims, took him all the way to the bedchamber of imperial China's last great ruler, the Empress Dowager. Published now for the first time, the controversial memoir of sinologist Sir Edmund Backhouse provides a unique and shocking glimpse into the hidden world of China's imperial palace with its rampant corruption, grand conspiracies and uninhibited sexuality."--Publisher's description.

951.035 CLA V1

Clark, Douglas, author. Gunboat justice : British and American law courts in China and Japan (1842-1943).
volume 1. White man, white law, white gun (1842-1900) -- volume 2. Destruction, disorder and defiance (1900-1927) -- volume 3. Revolution, resistance and resurrection (1927-1943). Foreign gunboats forced China, Japan and Korea to open to the outside world in the mid-19th century. The treaties signed included rules forbidding local courts from trying foreigners; or, "extraterritoriality." Britain and the United States established consular courts in all three countries and, as trade grew, the British Supreme Court for China and Japan and the United States Court for China. These courts for many decades—over 100 years in China—dispensed British and American justice in the Far East. Extraterritoriality had a huge impact, which continues to this day, on how China and Japan view the world. This book tells its history through the fascinating cast of characters both on and before the bench and the many challenging issues the courts faced including war, riots, rebellion, corruption, murder, infidelity, and, even, a failed hanging. Doug Clark, a practicing lawyer who has lived in China, Japan and Korea for over 25 years, has trawled through dusty archives around the world to bring back to life this long-forgotten exotic world.

951.035 PRE

Preston, Diana 1952-. The boxer rebellion : the dramatic story of China's war on foreigners that shook the world in the summer of 1900. New York : Walker & Company, 2000.
A chronicle of the uprising and ensuing two-month siege of the eleven foreign ministers in Peking (Beijing) and of the foreign community of Tientsin (Tianjin), during the summer of 1900.

951.035 SIL

Silbey, David. The Boxer Rebellion and the great game in China. 1st ed.
An imperial world, an imperial China -- A popular eruption -- An informal war -- Every impediment made -- The fault of nature -- The Battle of Tianjin -- The second expedition -- With shut mouths, they took their measure. Details the history of the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900, in which groups of peasants in northern China began to band together into a secret society known as "Righteous and Harmonious Fists", called the "Boxers" by Western press wanted to rid China of all foreign influence and massacred foreigners until subdued by international forces.

951.04 ALL

Allan, Tony, 1967-. The Long March : the making of Communist China. Chicago, IL : Heinemann Library, c2001.
Chronicles the events which led to the Communists taking over China.

951.04 BYR

Byrne, Paul J. The Chinese revolution : the triumph of communism. Minneapolis : Compass Point Books, c2007.
Profiles the events of the post-World War Two Chinese Revolution through first-hand accounts, quotes from participants, diagrams, photographs, and timelines.

951.04 CAN

Candlin, Enid Saunders. The breach in the wall; : a memoir of the Old China.

951.04 CHE

Cheek, Timothy. Mao Zedong and China's revolutions : a brief history with documents. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, c2002.
Uses the writings of Mao Zedong, China's most famous leader, to understand three of the most important revolutions of nationalism, socialism, and economic development within the twentieth century.

951.04 COW

Cowles, Ben Thomson, 1915-. Through the dragon's mouth : journeys into the Yangtzi's three Gorges. 1st ed. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Fithian Press, 1999.
Ben Thomson Cowles discusses the experiences he has had while traveling through the Yangzi River's Three Gorges.

951.04 CRO

Crow, Carl 1883-1945. Four hundred million customers : the experiences - some happy, some sad of an American in China and what they taught him. 2003 edition. Norwalk, CT: EastBridge, 2003.

951.04 FRI

Fritz, Jean. China's Long March : 6,000 miles of danger. New York : Putnam, c1988.
Describes the events of the 6,000 mile march undertaken by Mao Zedong and his Communist followers as they retreated before the forces of Chiang Kai-shek.

951.04 GAY

Gay, Kathlyn. The aftermath of the Chinese nationalist revolution. Minneapolis, MN : Twenty-First Century Books, c2009.
Introduction : a bomb! -- Revolts across China -- Chaos after the revolution -- The struggle to unify China -- Civil war -- War with Japan -- China in World War II -- The rise of the "New China". Traces the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the Chinese uprising in 1911 that led to the rise of the Chinese communist party after World War I and the leadership of Mao Zedong after World War II.

951.04 HAR

Harmsen, Peter, author. Shanghai 1937 : Stalingrad on the Yangtze.
This deeply, researched books describes one of the great forgotten battles of the 20th century. At its height it involved nearly a millionChinese and japanese soldiers, while sucking in three million civilians as unwilling spectators and, often, victims. It turned what had been a Japanese adventure in China into a general war between the two oldest and proudest civilizations of the Far East. Ultimately, it led to Pearl Harbor and to seven decades of tumultuous history in Asia.

951.04 MIT

Mitter, Rana, 1969-. Forgotten ally : China's World War II, 1937-1945. 1st U.S. Ed. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.
Dramatis Personae -- Pronunciation Guide -- Prologue : City on Fire -- Part I: The Path to War -- 1. As Close as Lips and Teeth: China's Fall, Japan's Rise -- 2. A New Revolution -- 3. The Path to Confrontation -- Part II: Disaster -- 4. Thirty-seven Days in Summer: The Outbreak of War -- 5. The Battle for Shanghai -- 6. Refugees and Resistance -- 7. Massacre at Nanjing -- 8. The Battle of Taierzhuang -- 9. The Deadly River -- Part III: Resisting Alone -- 10. "A sort of wartime normal" -- 11. Flight into the Unknown -- 12. The Road to Pearl Harbor -- Part IV: The Poisoned Alliance -- 13. Destination Burma -- 14. Hunger in Henan -- 15. States of Terror -- 16. Conference at Cairo -- 17. One War, Two Fronts -- 18. Showdown with Stilwell -- 19. Unexpected Victory -- Epilogue: The Enduring War -- Notes -- Further Reading -- Acknowledgments -- Photo Credits -- Index. Discusses China's role in World War II, relating how China became the fourth great ally, partner to the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain.

951.04 PAK

Pakula, Hannah. The last empress : Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the birth of modern China. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2009.
A comprehensive biography of politician and wife of former Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek, that chronicles her life and education in America, marriage to China's leader before and during World War II, and role in bringing China into the twentieth century.

951.04 RAB

Rabe, John, 1882-1950. The good man of Nanking : the diaries of John Rabe. 1st Vintage Books ed. New York : Vintage Books, 2000, c1998.
A collection of journal entries that describe the author's experiences while helping to save thousands of Chinese from capture and torture by the Japanese in 1938 Nanking.

951.04 SCH

Schoppa, R. Keith, 1943-. In a sea of bitterness : refugees during the Sino-Japanese War. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2011.
The thousand-person pit -- A world where ghosts wailed -- Confronting the refugee crisis -- Veering into the ravine -- Days of suffering -- The kidnapping of Chinese civilians -- Government on the move -- Playing hide-and-seek with the enemy -- Guerrilla education -- Wartime business -- Scorched earth -- Trading and smuggling -- Bubonic bombs -- Remaking homes. Provides a comprehensive view of the refugee experience in the province of Zhejiang on the central Chinese coast during the Japanese invasion of 1937, telling stories of both heroes and villains as the refugees travelled south into China's interior.

951.04 WAN

Wang, Eleanor Margaret, 1911-1983. I love China : Eleanor Margaret Wang. 1st ed. Shanghai : Old China Hand Press (Hong Kong), 2008.

951.04 WIN

Winchester, Simon. The river at the center of the world : a journey up the Yangtze and Back in Chinese time. 1st ed. New York : Henry Holt & Co., 1996.
Chronicle of the author's adventures following the often difficult course of the Yangtze River in China, providing a portrait of the vast country, its history, politics, geography, climate, and culture.


Schell, Orville, author. Wealth and power : China's long march to the twenty-first century.

951.05 ALL

Allman, Norwood F. (Norwood Francis), 1893-1987. Shanghai lawyer. New York : Whittlesey House, c1943.

951.05 BAL

Balfour, Alan (Alan H.). Shanghai.

951.05 BAR

Barnett, A. Doak. Communist China in perspective.

951.05 CHA

Chang, Jung, 1952-. Wild swans : three daughters of China. 1st Touchstone ed.
Memoir of three Chinese women, Jung Chang, her mother, and her grandmother in twentieth-century China.

951.05 CHI

China. Detroit : Greenhaven Press :, c2006.
Presents a collection of essays covering the issues related to modern China, providing an examination of its economy, government, military, democratization, and more.

951.05 CHI

The Chinese cultural revolution as history. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2006.
The Chinese Cultural Revolution as history: an introduction / Joseph W. Esherick, Paul G. Pickowicz, Andrew G. Walder -- Passion, reflection and survival: political choices of Red Guards at Qinghua University, June 1966-July 1968 / Xiaowei Zheng -- To protect and preserve: resisting the Destroy the four olds campaign, 1966-1967 / Dahpon David Ho -- Mass killings in the Cultural Revolution: a study of three provinces / Yang Su -- The death of a landlord: moral predicament in rural China, 1968-1969 / Jiangsui He -- Staging xiaojinzhuang: the city in the countryside, 1974-1976 / Jeremy Brown -- Labor created humanity: Cultural Revolution science on its own terms / Sigrid Schmalzer -- To be somebody: Li Qinglin, run-of-the-mill Cultural Revolution showstopper / Elya J. Zhang -- The sublime and the profane: a comparative analysis of two fictional narratives about sent-down youth / Liyan Qin. Explores the cultural revolution in China from 1966 to 1976, its effect on urban and rural society, the student Red Guard movements, and the violence and mass killings in rural China.

951.05 CLI

Clifford, N. J. (Nicholas J.). "A truthful impression of the country" : British and American travel writing in China, 1880-1949. Ann Arbor [Mich.] : University of Michigan Press, c2001.
Traces the development of travel writing from 1880 to 1949, focusing on British and American travel writings on China during the time and discussing how the work of travel writers differed from that of other writers, including scholars, journalists, and diplomats.

951.05 DEN

Denison, Edward. Building Shanghai : the story of China's gateway. Chichester, England, UK: John Wiley & Sons, 2006.

951.05 DIK

Dikötter, Frank. Mao's great famine : the history of China's most devastating catastrophe, 1958-1962. Pbk. ed. New York : Walker & Co., 2011, c2010.
Two rivals -- The bidding starts -- Purging the ranks -- Bugle call -- Launching sputniks -- Let the shelling begin -- The people's communes -- Steel fever -- Warning signs -- Shopping spree -- Dizzy with success -- The end of truth -- Repression -- The Sino-Soviet rift -- Capitalist grain -- Finding a way out -- Agriculture -- Industry -- Trade -- Housing -- Nature -- Feasting through famine -- Wheeling and dealing -- On the sly -- 'Dear chairman Mao' -- Robbers and rebels -- Exodus -- Children -- Women -- The elderly -- Accidents -- Disease -- The gulag -- Violence -- Sites of horror -- Cannibalism -- The final tally. Chronicles the history of China under the leadership of Mao Zedong, discussing the disastrous results of his Great Leap Forward program which was designed to showcase the power of communism.

951.05 DUN

Dunlap, Albert Menzo, 1884-. Behind the Bamboo Curtain: : the experiences of an American doctor in China. Washington : Public Affairs Press, [1956].

951.05 ENC

Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture. London ; : Routledge, 2005.
Presents a comprehensive encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture, and contains nearly twelve hundred references covering a wide range of topics that includes architecture, education, film, language, music, media, religion, society, visual arts, and much more.

951.05 FEI

Feigon, Lee, 1945-. Mao : a reinterpretation. Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, 2002.
Presents a reinterpretation of the political life of Chinese leader Mao Zedong, offering the opinion that Mao has received too much praise for his early actions, and arguing that the movements for which he is generally condemned, including the Cultural Revolution, actually paved the way for later economic and political advances.

951.05 GAO

Gao, Yuan, 1952-. Born red : a chronicle of the Cultural Revolution. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c1987.
A memoir in which the author, the son of a county political official, recalls his middle-school years in China, discussing the impact of the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guard movement on young minds, and considering the conflict it caused between him and his father.

951.05 GIL

Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935. China and the Chinese. (Lectures delivered at Columbia University.). New York : Columbia University Press, 1902.
Herbert Giles was one of the most prominent Sinologists of the late 19th century and early 20th century and this book was in its era one of the best-selling and most authoritative books on the topic. Originally published in 1902, Giles’commentary, based on six lectures delivered at Columbia University in New York, still have a value for anyone trying to figure out the conundrum that is China. Herbert Allen Giles (1845-1935) the author and presenter of these lectures, was a British diplomat and sinologist, educated at Charterhouse. He modified a Mandarin Chinese Romanization system established by Thomas Wade earlier, resulting in the Wade-Giles Chinese transliteration system. He was a diplomat to China (1867-1892). He was British Vice Consul at Pagoda Island (1880-83) and Shanghai (1883-85) and Consul at Tamsui (1885-91) and at Ningpo (1891-93) who later became the second professor of Chinese at Cambridge, succeeding Wade, after living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Postal map spelling is also based on the Wade-Giles system described in his A Chinese-English Dictionary. Amongst his other works are Chinese Sketches (1882), China and the Chinese (1902), Religions of Ancient China (1905), The Civilization of China (1911) and China and the Manchus (1912).

Pudong Secondary Library Book List - Mao's Legacy Part 4


Sorted by Call Number / Author.

951.05 HES

Hessler, Peter, 1969-. River town : two years on the Yangtze. 1st Harper Perennial ed.
Peace Corps volunteer Peter Hessler recounts the experiences he had while spending two years in the Chinese city of Fuling.

951.05 HOL

Holdsworth, May. The Forbidden City : the great within. Hong Kong : Odyssey ;, c1998.

951.05 JON

Reynolds, Jack, 1913-1984, author. A true friend to China : the lost writings of a heroic nobody.
China in the late 1940's was another world, an ancient society still in the grips of feudalism, desperately poor and in need of modernization. There are many formal histories of those pivotal and turbulent times but Jack Jones is among the few foreigners to have written contemporary accounts of day-to-day life there. Together with his fellow members of the Friends Ambulance Unite "China Convoy", his long struggle to bring medical supplies and services to the poorest regions of China is vividly evoked in this book. Written by Jones as articles for the China Convoy's newsletter and lost and unread for more than half a century, these recently discovered accounts found in Quaker archives in London and Philadelphia tell of the remarkable story of how the China Convoy team battled against all the odds in life-threatening situations to help relieve the overwhelming suffering of the Chinese people. (from cover summary.

951.05 KIR

Kirkby, R. J. R. (Richard J. R.), author. Intruder in Mao's realm : an Englishman's eyewitness account of 1970s China.

951.05 KOR

Kort, Michael, 1944-. China under communism. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, 1995.
The Chinese empire -- The Chinese republic -- Socialist China -- The great leap forward -- The cultural revolution -- China under Deng Xiaoping. Photographs and text cover the origin and development of China's Communist regime, and examine the forces (nuclear power and population growth) that are pushing the country toward change.

951.05 KUH

Kuhn, Robert Lawrence. The man who changed China : the life and legacy of Jiang Zemin. 1st ed. New York : Crown Publishers, c2004.

951.05 LAN

Langley, Andrew. The Cultural Revolution : years of chaos in China. Minneapolis : Compass Point Books, c2008.
Describes the events and major figures of the Cultural Revolution in China.

951.05 LI

Li-Marcus, Moying, 1954-. Snow falling in spring : coming of age in China during the cultural revolution. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008.
The great leap -- Starvation -- Lao Lao and Lao Ye -- Gathering storm -- Home no more -- House search -- Mongolian melody -- Secret reading club -- Coming of age -- Hunan mummy -- a life assigned -- Temple of the sun -- The awakening -- Turning point. The author reveals the events of her life from age twelve to adulthood when the cultural revolution of Mao Zedong destroyed family customs and life as they knew it.

951.05 LIN

Lin, Zhimin. China under reform. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2006.
Overview: the landscape of China's reform -- Changes in rural China -- Changes in urban China -- Reform and social changes -- Political reform -- Reform and U.S.-China relations. Presents a study of reforms in China since the death in 1976 of Mao Zedong, and discusses the effects of cultural revolution on the people, living standards between rural and urban areas, corruption, and a government that continues to resist change.

951.05 MAC

MacFarquhar, Roderick. Mao's last revolution. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2006.
Examines the origins of China's Cultural Revolution, focusing on Mao Zedong's role in the revolution and what he hoped the revolution would accomplish for the country's people and government.

951.05 MAO

Mao Zedong. San Diego : Greenhaven Press ;, c2004.
Primary and secondary documents provide an overview of the life and work of Mao Zedong.

951.05 MCC

McCormick, Elsie. The unexpurgated diary of a Shanghai baby. Hong Kong : China Economic Review Publishing, 2007.

951.05 PHA

Sirin Phathanothai. The dragon's pearl : growing up among Mao's reclusive circle.

951.05 SCH

Schoppa, R. Keith, 1943-. The Columbia guide to modern Chinese history. New York : Columbia University Press, c2000.
Contains a historical narrative of China from 1780 to the late 1990s; articles on key events, institutions, and figures; an annotated bibliography of print, film, and electronic resources; a chronology; twenty primary source document excerpts from 1839 to 1993; and other research tools.

951.05 SCH

Schoppa, R. Keith, 1943-. Twentieth century China : a history in documents. Oxford ; : Oxford University Press, c2004.
An old world dies; a new one is born -- The slide into chaos -- Forming a new culture: the May Fourth movement -- Which way do we go?: revolution in the 1920s -- The Nanjing decade -- Communist resurgence -- China at war: the fight against Japan -- Civil war -- The Mao years -- The cult of Mao Zedong -- "To get rich is glorious": the reforms of Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin -- Political authoritarianism -- China and the world at the turn of the century. Presents a collection of documents that chart the history of change and revolution in China over the course of the twentieth century, including official reports, eyewitness accounts, cartoons, poetry, songs, articles, and advertisements, and features commentary and photographs.

951.05 SHE

Shen, Fan, 1955-. Gang of one : memoirs of a Red Guard.
Fan Shen, a twelve-year-old Red Guard in 1966, tells the story of how his enthusiastic support of China's Cultural Revolution turned to disillusionment and disgust, and led him to employ a series of devious tactics in his successful efforts to escape the country.

951.05 SNO

Snow, Edgar, 1905-1972. Red star over China. 1st rev. and enl. ed.

951.05 STA

Starr, John Bryan. Understanding China : a guide to China's economy, history, and political structure. 1st ed. New York : Hill and Wang, 1997.
Covers the current situation in China including an exploration of China's geography, a look at its economy, a discussion of its internal problems like population growth, and a description of China's interaction with the outside world.

951.05 STR

Streetlife China. Cambridge, U.K. ; : Cambridge University Press, 1998.
Human rights and Chinese tradition / Xia Yong -- The traditional Chinese view of the cosmos and the practices of daily life / Li Yiyuan -- The gift of self -- The 'gift' and the Confucian notion of property, li / Xu Feng -- People of the work unit / He Xinghan -- The work unit : a unique form of social organization / Lu Feng -- The work unit : "Face" and place / Yi Zhongtain -- To be defined a liumang / Chen Baoliang -- Second-class citizen / Ge Fei -- Homosexuals in Beijing / Jin Ren -- Household registration and the caste-like quality of peasant life / Gong Xikui -- From caste to class : a brief introduction to A third eye -- A third eye on China's living volcano / Leuninger -- Peasant movements : a police perspective / Yang Wenzhong and Wang Gongfan -- The resident identity card and the household register / Zhang Qingwu -- Registration files, registration cards / Yu Lei -- Beijing's fee for residency scheme -- User pays Beijing / Zhou Daping -- The 'bill" of Beef Street -- Mass-line policing : Weikeng Public Security Committee, Beijing / Feng Rui -- The special professions. The special population / Yu Lei. Collection of articles by various Chinese writers about life in contemporary China. Presents a collection of articles, including newspaper reports, government documents, academic writing, and interviews, that combined with commentary by the editor, serve to provide a picture of everyday life in China.

951.05 USC

Uschan, Michael V., 1948-. China since World War II. Detroit : Lucent Books, c2008.
Introduction: China's continuing revolution -- The Communists conquer China -- China becomes a communist nation -- China becomes a military and political power -- China's continuous revolution -- The struggle for power continues -- Deng Xiaoping leads China in a new direction -- China today: a troubled economic giant. Examines the history of China since World War II, discussing Communism, military and political power, revolution, Deng Xiaoping, and economics.

951.05 WOO

Woodruff, John. China in search of its future : reform vs. repression, 1982-1989. Revised and enlarged ed. Secaucus, NJ : Carole Pub. Group, c1990.
"A Lyle Stuart book." Reports on the changes that have occurred in China during the past decade of reform under Deng Xiaoping.

951.05 WU

Wu, Liang, 1955-. Old Shanghai : a lost age.

951.05 YIN

Cheo Ying, Esther, 1932-. Black Country girl in Red China. London [etc.] : Hutchinson, 1980.
Born in pre-Revolutionary China but brought up in the Midlands, Ester Cheo Ying returned to China in 1949 after a traumatic childhood, convinced that there se would find the happiness and sense of belonging she longed for.

951.05 YU

Yu, Bin. The government of China. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2006.
Presents a comprehensive study of the government of China since the founding in 1949 of the People's Republic and the rise of Communism, and describes the structure and ideologies of the Communist government.

951.05 Yu

Yu, Chun, 1966-. Little green : a memoir of growing up during the Chinese cultural revolution. 1st Simon & Schuster Bks. for Young Readers pbk. ed. April 2015. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015.
Chun Yu, born in a small city in China, describes her childhood growing up in the middle of Chairman Mao's cultural revolution.

951.05 YU

Yu, Chun, 1966-. Little green : growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 1st ed. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, c2005.
Chun Yu, born in a small city in China, describes her childhood growing up in the middle of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution.

951.05 ZHA

Zhang, Ange. Red land, Yellow River : a story from the Cultural Revolution. Toronto, Ont. ; : Groundwood Books, c2004.
Presents an autobiographical account in both narrative and the drawings of artist Ange Zhang who witnessed the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s and, like his father, found himself at odds with the ideology of Mao.

951.05 ZHE

Zhensheng, Li. Red-color news soldier : a Chinese photographer's odyssey through the Cultural Revolution. London ; : Phaidon Press, 2003.
Photographs and text offer a visual history of China's Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, discussing its origins, the impact it had on China's people, government, and culture, how it was resolved, and other related topics.

951.06 GIF

Gifford, Rob. China road : a journey into the future of a rising power. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.
National Public Radio reporter Rob Gifford recounts the experiences he had while traveling along China's three thousand-mile Route 312, describing the people he met on his journey and the things he learned about the country and its history.

951.06 LAM

Lam, Willy Wo-Lap. Chinese politics in the Hu Jintao era : new leaders, new challenges. Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, [2006].
Presents a first-hand, multi-dimensional account of twenty-first century China and the impact of fourth generation leaders, including President Hu Jinato and Premier Wen Jiabao. This book examines how the Hu leadership has tried to extend the Communist Party's ''mandate of heaven'' by tackling an array of daunting problems.

951.06 OSN

Osnos, Evan, 1976- author. Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China. First edition, 2014.
"A revelatory inner history of China during a moment of transformation"--Provided by publisher.

951.1 POT

Pott, F. L. Hawks (Francis Lister Hawks), 1864-1947. A short history of Shanghai, : being an account of the growth and development of the international settlement.

951.5 POM

Pomfret, John. Chinese lessons : five classmates and the story of the new China. 1st ed.
Warmly welcome you -- The slap -- Broken wing -- Father's lessons -- Black bricks -- A meat pie from heaven -- Bitter love -- Party animal -- Outside the gates -- New street crossing -- A handful of bran -- Spiritual pollution -- Petrified marriage -- Yin finds Yang -- Crossed paths -- Show me the money -- To the barricades -- Asylum -- Fishy handshakes -- Fake foreign devils -- Killing the chickens -- White like mother's milk -- Rice bowl christmas -- Yes man -- Homecoming -- The adman -- The China price -- Spiritual civilization -- Gods and animals -- Pine on a cliff -- Endure -- Crawling home -- The enthusiasms of high altitude -- Severe and acute -- High tides -- Thug's revolution -- My place in the procession -- Concluion: the Chinese dream. Presents the stories of five graduates from Nanjing University, and focuses on the impact the politics and government of China played on shaping their lives.