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Asian History Final Project 2019: Home

This guide is a support to the Asian History 2019 Final Project which involves research and presentation that looks at a current/contemporary issues facing Asia


End of Year Assignment

Asian History 2018-2019 School Year

You will conduct a research project on a current / contemporary issue facing Asia. However, the topic you choose should have some relationship to one of the units covered in Asian History during this school year. Your research will be guided by a question that you develop. The answer to your question, and the result of your research will be conveyed via a product. You should choose an issue that you actually care about. -

One of the great things about using the SAS Libary Databases is that they all provide citations that can be copied.  If you have any questions about citing a source, please touch base with your librarian

- Overview from AH From Draft Plan.  

Brittanica Encyclopedia

Image Quest


You can copy and paste the CITATION! 


Mrs. Boyer's Favorite! :)


Need statistics and infographics? Quantitative data on a wide variety of topics, including business and tech-based topics such as internet usage and attitudes, online shopping, digital music, videogames, online dating, online and mobile payments, and social media. Note: on-campus access only.


JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.  NOTE: To Get the most out of JSTOR and to be able to access it from home you will need a SAS-JSTOR Linked account.  Your Librarian can help you create your personal account for JSTOR

Link to JSTOR --

Image Citation Help

Ref: Image from 


World History in Context

Global Goals

Global Goals for Sustainable Development Citation - MLA

Global Goals for Sustainable Development Citation


Project Everyone. "The Global Goals for Sustainable Development." The Global

     Goals for Sustainable Development, Project Everyone, Jan. 2018, Accessed 31 Jan. 2018.


Opposing Viewpoints


Link -- Opposing Viewpoints

SAS PD Secondary Library

SAS Pudong Secondary School Library Catalog --> Link

The Pudong Secondary Library plays host to all middle and high school students, parents, and guests.  The design allows groups of all types to gather, collaborate and access current information via our outstanding print collection, as well as, our online databases.  A newly renovated Apple Service Center and Technology Learning Center is also located here to assist with all your laptop needs.  The entire staff welcomes you to stop in, get comfortable , and enjoy our 21st century library.   We are open MTRF from 7:30 to 5:15 and on Wednesday from 7:45-4:30