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Grade 2 Library Guide, PXES: Engineering and Design

Tomorrow's Alphabet by George Shannon & Donald Crews

Library Mini-Lesson, Week of 2 November 2020.

This is Not a Book by Jean Jullien

It looks like a book, but the title says, "This is not a book."  What is going on?  Is it a book or not?  If not, what it is?  You and your students will be forced to think about books in a whole new way.  From master creator Jean Jullien, enjoy the experience and decide for yourselves.  It is a book, or not?

Library Mini-Lesson, Week of 19 October 2020.

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

Is this a book?  Is it a box?  It it a book that looks like a box?  Is the book about boxes?  The tricky title can't disguise the magic inside when one little rabbit uses his imagination in a big way.

Look Alikes Around the World by Joan Steiner

Use  Several titles available.

Carl Warner's Food Landscapes

More Engineering Books from the Print Collection