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Global Languages Digital Library: Chinese

E books, audiobooks, magazines, and database resources that are perfect for learning Mandarin, French, or Spanish

Reference Books in Chinese


Chinese Dictionary is a free online dictionary of Chinese characters, words, phrases, idioms and other forms of Chinese language. It contains more than 80,000 Chinese characters and 200,000 words. In addition, there are additional website links for ancient books, poetry, calligraphy, forum, etc.



Calligraphy dictionary provides calligrapher-related information, including ancient calligraphy and calligrapher profiles, etc. Users can browse or download calligraphy font pictures online for free after entering Chinese characters or multiple characters.


Science Information in Chinese


Subject Database of China Plant provides plant information, pictures, literature, and related database links in China.



National Earth System Science Data Center provides data on ionosphere, geomagnetism, middle and upper atmosphere, solid earth, etc., as well as relevant news and encyclopedias. After registration, you can download the data for free.


undefined  is a comprehensive science communication platform that provides information such as virtual museums, news, videos and events.

Comprehensive science communication platform, providing virtual museums, news, videos, events and other information.


China Science Communication. The content of the website is divided into several theme channels, such as cutting-edge technology, health, encyclopedia, military, science fiction and refuting rumors.


Ebooks in Chinese

  • Listen to over 20 audiobooks in Chinese in our Sora audiobooks collection. The log-in is your ID card number as both your username and your password. 


China Academic Digital Associative Library provides more than 2.6 million materials, including ancient Chinese books, contemporary Chinese books and local Chronicles. You can view the full text of some books after logging in.



A database of Han books opened to the world by the institute of Oriental Culture of the University of Tokyo, including the library of the original Oriental Culture Institute, the Big Wood library, and the Cangshi Library, has a total volume of 100,000 books, among which there are quite a few unique and rare books.


undefined is a free Chinese novel reading website. Themes includes the urban category, the martial arts category, the fantasy category and so on. You can login and read it after registering your account for free.



LEWEN.LA is a free novel reading site. You can log in and read after registration.


  • Project Gutenberg has over 50 ebooks in Chinese.

Academic Papers in Chinese


Newspaper materials of Renmin University of China

It covers journal articles on humanities and social sciences topic, including political science and sociology, philosophy, law, economics and economic management, education, literature and art, history, cultural information communication and other categories. (Username:pingan2020; Password: pingan2020)

提供人文社会科学领域中的各个学科的期刊文章,包括政治学与社会学类、哲学类、法律类、经济学与经济管理类、教育类、文学与艺术类、历史学类、文化信息传播类以及其他类。(登录用户名: pingan2020;登录密码: pingan2020)


National Social Sciences Database includes academic journals of social science in China: free online reading and full text download.


Online Learning in Chinese


National primary and secondary school network platform

The local and school teaching resources are integrated by the Ministry of Education of China to provide G1-G12 students learning resources online. It includes: epidemic prevention education, moral education, curriculum learning, life and safety education, mental health education, family education, classic reading and research learning education, film and television education, electronic materials, such as online teaching resources.




It is a comprehensive platform of all kinds of open courses websites. You can find some well-known open courses websites in China, including middle school education, university education, comprehensive courses, professional courses, international courses and so on.




A higher education online open course platform for open video courses, resource-sharing courses and MOOCs offered by universities in China.



YiXi offers nearly 700 online videos in theater style live speeches by domestic and foreign speakers and performers.


News in Chinese

China News ePaper offers online electronic editions of Chinese newspapers for free.



CCTV News is the central key news website sponsored by the China Media Group, containing domestic, international, social, life, entertainment, science and technology and other topics of news and information.



World Economics and Finance Platform provides international financial information, key reports, current commentary, global economy, global finance, key industries, China perspective and other contents.



Boao Forum For Asia (BFA) provides related news, organizational views, annual conference information, etc.


Statistics in Chinese


National Bureau of Statistics of China

The statistical database of China's national bureau of statistics was first established in 2008 and was newly built in 2013. Provides monthly, quarterly and annual, census regional, sectoral and international social and economic statistics. The population data can be retrieved directly or found in the annual data. It provides a variety of file outputs, including tabulation, drawing, metrics, visual charts, and geographic information data.


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