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6. 2021 Panda Book Awards: Middle Readers

Thank you to John and the ISB librarians for their hard work creating this Libguide and coordinating the Panda Book Awards.

What are the Panda Book Awards

The Panda Book Awards reading initiative promises to take our students on an exciting reading adventure and invites students from participating schools to vote for their favorite book. The panda was chosen as the mascot for this reading initiative, as it holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people as a symbol of peace and a token of forging friendly ties. Not only do the Panda books promote reading, it also brings together school librarians across China who work daily to introduce kids to the fantastic world of books. 

The Panda books are carefully chosen to represent an international selection, and each school division has its unique list. There are four separate title lists according to age level: Young Readers (4 to 6 years); Middle Readers (7 to 10 years); Older Readers (11 to 14 years); and Mature Readers (15 to 18 years). 

Please click HERE to read more about the Panda Awards and see the previous Panda Shortlist nominations and the previous Panda Award Winners.

My Beijing: Four Stories of Everyday Wonder

Plastics: past, present, and future

Wolf Girl: Into the Wild



The Last Human


Aquatica: A beginner's field guide

The Goldfish Boy