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9. 5th Grade Research: Argument Essay

The Research Based Argumentative Essay

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay presents evidence to support an idea. For example, you might write an essay arguing that school's should not give homework. You would do research exploring the benefits of no homework. Though you will be taking a side on the issue, you would also acknowledge the opposing side.

The important concept of an argumentative essay is that all information presented be supported by facts and evidence. You structure your writing so that it includes claims that are supported by reasons that are backed by evidence.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Step 1: Collect Evidence

Collect evidence that allows you to think though both sides of the argument.

Step 2: Rehearse

Rehearse by explaining your position and listing your reasons point by point. Organize your information in a way that makes sense to you.

Step 3: Plan Your Claim

Plan your claim and reasons into boxes and bullets structure. The Box and Bullet Method is a simple note taking strategy.

Step 4: Use Evidence to Support your Claim

Use evidence to support your claim.

  • Paraphrase - put the information into your own words
  • Quote - Use a quote and then unpack it showing how it relates to the reason
  • Analyze and explain the evidence
  • Introduce the source and explain the connection

Write Your Essay

Common Flaws in Reasoning