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BOB 2024

Books for the Battle

An Invitation

What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books Announcement

All students in 5th grade are welcome to sign up for Battle of the Books on PD campus. 

This year things will be a little different as for the first time since 2019 we will be having the Regional Final in person. ANY students can sign up to be in the SAS Pudong Battle of the Books which will happen before our Chinese New Year holiday. Sign ups close on November 1st and there is a sign up sheet at the front of the library. The top 6 teams from that January competition, (according to the Kahoot scores) will go on to participate in the Regional Final which will be in April 2024 on Pudong campus. Schools throughout the Shanghai region are participating; the exact date for the Regional Final is coming soon. 

What is the Battle of the Books?

Our "Battle of the Books" event is an opportunity for students to read eight librarian-selected titles, think about and discuss them, then answer questions on their reading in a game format. 

Ideally, teams of 6 students gather to share their love of reading and have a good time. Teams participate in book activities; have lunch together; discuss the books read; and answer questions in the final battle to determine the winning team! The game format creates interest and excitement in reading. Through the fun and excitement of the competition, students improve their reading skills, mature in their choices of reading materials, and acquire a broader knowledge base. The competition is fun, but the event's goal is to read. 

Please read this guide and listen to the start of the 8 books we are reading in this years Battle of the Books. 

Battle of the Books bookmarks made by the amazing Ricky Cruz