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SAS Secondary Reading Lists: Reading Lists

Mrs. Lynch's HOT MS Summer Reads

Audiobook Sites


Audio File Sync, is giving away two free YA audiobooks a week, all summer long! SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens. SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week - pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. Sign up for email or text alerts and be first to know when new titles are available to download at These pairings of audiobooks can be downloaded directly into Overdrive! 

If you love hearing books read aloud, LibriVox, offers free audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world. Many of these titles are from Project Gutenberg, so if you are into classics, this is a great source for you. 


Reading LIst Links- Perfect for Middle School

School Library Journal (SLJ), is the gold standard for book reviews in the library world. Each year they release their list of the best reviewed books in children and adult literature. Head to this link, fill out a short form and the list of your choice will be emailed to you in PDF. It’s worth the effort! School Library Journal's Best Books of 2019

And SLJ’s Top 100 Children’s Novels is the place to start. If your child reads nothing else this summer, 2 or 3 books from this list will keep him or her rolling in the right direction. School Library Journal's Top 100 Children's Novels

Are graphic novels your passion? Check out this list of the TOP 10 Graphic Novels of 2019 from School Library Journal. School Library Journal's Top 10 Graphic Novels

Are you a facts and figures kind of person? Is reading non-fiction your passion? This amazing list by SLJ of the best non-fiction for middle readers is the spot for you!

Looking for a definitive list of classic books that every kid should read before age 14? Check out The Ultimate Backseat Bookshelf: 100 Must Reads for Kids 9-14 from NPR

Looking to explore books that inspire a call to action, give you a lens into the voices of young activists and learn more about social justice? This book list for middle schoolers from School Library Journal on Social Justice will help you explore complex issues like racism, sexism, immigration and environmentalism. 

Young yogi's and meditation masters alike will find messages of calmness and strength in these books from School Library Journal on Meditation and Mindfulness for the whole family. 

Are you a fan of happy endings? Want to spend your summer reading books that make you smile when you finish them? Book Riot's list of !5 Marvelous Middle School Reads with a Happy Ending will keep you smiling til the end!

Check out this amazing list of the hottest summer reads for middle schoolers from School Library Journal. If  you are looking for your next great summer read, work your way through SLJ's Summer Reading Series! 

Are you a podcast fan? Looking to expand your listening list for the summer? Give these podcasts curated by School Library Journal on Civics and History aimed at middle schoolers a listen...listen and learn!

The luggage is loaded. The gas tank is full. You've got your destination. Hit play on these amazing audiobooks from School Library Journal that will keep the whole family entertained while the miles or kms roll by. Selections include great Middle School and Young Adult options. Have Audio Books, Will Travel. 

Is sports your jam? Need just one more book about soccer? Basketball? Gymnastics? Football? Check out this list of Great Sports Books for Tweens and Teens by Kirkus Books and pick up a winner!

Books like Ready Player One…virtual reality, gaming and outer space, oh my! Check out this great list from Brightly. Get your gamer to look at this list and let them power up via books that interest them. Books Like Ready Player One: 8 Out-of-this-World Next-Reads

Want the newest and coolest summer reads for tweens? Check out this super up-to-date list by Brightly on what's hot for summer for 9-12 year-olds. The Ultimate Summer Reading List for 9-12 Year-Olds

NPR’s Book Concierge is an amazing list of the best of the best of the year. The cool part? You can click for customization and it narrows down your choices for you. Children’s, Young Adult and Adult books are all at your fingertips.  NPR's Book Concierge

Want to know what the experts (children’s librarians!!!) recommend you read this summer? The librarians at the American Library Services for Children (ALSC) have compiled this fantastic list for middle schoolers. Check out ALSC’s Summer Reading List for Gr 6th-8th

Is your child going through a tough time? Are you moving this year? Has there been a sudden death or illness in the family this year? This list compiled by the American Library Services for Children (ALSC) is Comforting Reads for Difficult Times, complete with resources for parents.  Books can be a great comfort during times of struggle. Let a book help.

Are you looking for a curated list of books that celebrates diversity, inclusivity and intersecting identities? This collective of experts in children's literature has picked out books that represent Indigenous and People of Color, people with disabilities, and people from the LGBTQIA+ communities. The books listed are organized by level and vetted by experts in the field. We Are Kid Lit Collective Summer Reading List.

The American Library Association’s Youth Media Awards can be found here. These are the most highly respected annual awards given to Children’s and Young Adult Literature. This is a fantastic starting point for your reading. ALA's Youth Media Award Winners 2020

The librarians from the Chicago Public Library create a list of their CPL Best of Best Books for kids of all ages. Check out the "never-fail" books on this list! There are two for fiction and one for informational books.

The bloggers at Book Riot have compiled a list of 100 Must Read Middle Grade Books for the Summer. They are organized by genre. Any reader should be able to find a new favorite here!

Reading List Links- Perfect for Young Adults

A great resource for finding quality, award-winning YA literature is American Library Association's, Young Adult Library Service Association’s (YALSA) Teen Book Finder, which gives you the capability to search their database of books that have won awards and appeared on their highly respected “Best of…” lists and also to filter by genre, title, author and award year. Super handy! YALSA's Teen Book Finder

Looking for books to expand your knowledge of racism? Read one of these amazing titles from Kirkus' 10 Antiracist Books for Young Adults

June is National Pride Month, so grab one of the 45 amazing titles off of this list from Epic Reads on LGBTQIAP+ Protagonists and celebrate and amplify queer voices and queer books!

Need a horror fix? Want a book that will keep you reading long into the night? Check out Book Riot's Chills and Thrills: A Summer of YA Horror! 

Organized by topics like "Reads to Keep You Up All Night", "Reads to Give You All the Feels", "When You're Feeling Romantic", this great list by Brightly will help you find the perfect summer read! The Ultimate YA Summer Reading List

An excellent source of more challenging reading is the School Library Journal Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2018 list. This list has adult books that are reviewed by librarians and are deemed to be intriguing for YA readers, as well as adult. Keep in mind the books on this list may have content, subject matter and themes that are more mature in nature. Making sure that these are good fit books for your reader is the key to these books. SLJ's Best Adult 4 Teens 2018

Are you traveling this summer? Pack you bag and one of these lovely books set in a destination that will make you want to travel. Epic Read's list of 18 Books Set Abroad will make you want to travel to far off places. 

Are you stuck at home this summer? Sheltering in place either in Shanghai or elsewhere around the world during Covid-19? Here are some amazing non-fiction books to challenge you and your thinking by Kirkus if you are Stuck At Home. 

The Outstanding Books for College Bound Readers is created by a committee of Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) public, secondary school and academic librarians. This list is created every five years to offer opportunities for independent reading.  The books on this list offer opportunities to discover new ideas, and provide an introduction to the fascinating variety of subjects within an academic discipline. Readers will gain an understanding of our diverse world and build a foundation to deepen their response to that world. The list is broken into five academic disciplines and is intended for students preparing for college. The Outstanding Books for College Bound Readers list

57 (!) Books Based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Sign me up, please! Find something with action, tech or twists that can't be topped. We promise every book will give you the same adrenaline-fueled feeling that seeing your fave superhero movie for hte first time did. Scroll through and find your next SUPER read Epic Read's Marvel Cinematic Universe Reads.  

NPR’s Book Concierge is an amazing list of the best of the best of the year. The cool part? You can click for customization and it narrows down your choices for you. Children’s, Young Adult and Adult books are all at your fingertips.  NPR's Book Concierge

Want a super unique way to get your next book recommendation? Are you a Star Wars fan? Take this book quiz from Epic Reads and give your opinions on Star Wars questions. When you get through the quiz you will have the perfect book recommendation just for you. May the Force (of reading) be with you! Epic Reads Star Wars Quiz

Is mystery your thing? Then get a clue and find your summer read on this list of 50 Must-Read Yound Adult Mysteries compiled by BookRiot. 

Need a little magic to keep your summer flowing? Are you a fan of all things mystical? Grab this list by Buzzfeed of 19 Books That Will Make Your LIfe a Little More Magical. 

Buzzfeed has their Top 31 Young Adult Books of 2019. This list has all the best YA titles on it! 

Want to know what industry titan Bill Gates is reading this summer? Check out these 5 Books to Read this Summer by Bill Gates. 

Interested in what Former President Barack Obama's favorite reads of 2019 were? Here is the list published by Business Insider. 

Every year, University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) offers us a summer reading list for its incoming freshman class. This year's theme is Connections and the fantastic readings of fiction and non-fiction offered here that suggest just a few of the many ways in which connections manifest themselves in the world. See UC Berkeley's Summer Reading List 2020 here. 


Looking for a Challenge?

Reading Challenges are a fun way to expand your reading in the summer. You can choose one of the below challenges and see how you do. Many challenges ask you to give yourself a shout out on social media...#cool #lookatmemom #ireadatonofbooks !!! 

Brightly's Reading Challenge for 9-12 year olds is a great place to start. 

Don't worry...Brightly's Reading Challenge for Teens will inspire older readers! 

Check out Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge for Grades 6-8 here and their list for Grades 9-12 here. 

The most popular reading challenge out there is this one from Book Riot, which challenges readers to "read harder". This is the challenge that I try to do every keeps me on my reading toes and gets me out of my comfort genres!

Looking for a challenge for EVERYONE in the family? Look no further than this master list of most of the reading challenges for 2020 out there on the rainbow, the frankenslam, the foodie challenge, kitty lit, books to movies, tunes to book...the challenges go on and on!

Sanitizing the Book Smell Away- Book Nerd Problems by Epic Reads

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