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NoodleTools For Teachers: For Teachers

Walks you step-by-step through teacher functions in NoodleTools

45 Minute Tutorial

Here are the general breaks for the various topics, so you can ignore parts if they don't interest you:
04:25 Teacher features, including creating an in-box
10:45 Student view, including creating a new project & adding sources
33:00 Note-taking/annotating in the working bibliography
36:10 Using notecards and outline feature
43:20 How teachers review and make comments on student work
51:40 Demo ends and moves on to news/updates that you can skip

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Guide based on the work of Nadine Bailey at Western Academy of Beijing and Susan Tower at West Sound Academy 

Tutorials found in this guide are adapted from those in the Knowledge Base at the NoodleTools Help Desk, accessed November 2018.