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Becoming Better Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Resources for Teachers: Home

Developed in support of the Becoming Better Working Group

Invitation From Marcel

Dear Colleagues,

Although we are in the midst of summer and still spread around the world, there are opportunities for us to self-educate as we seek to understand and address prejudice and racism at SAS.

A growing group of faculty and leaders are engaged in immediate discussions and sharing of resources in a Teams site currently named “Becoming Better: Making SAS Safe for All.” We held two virtual gatherings on Thursday to begin the dialogue on what this moment in time asks of us as individuals and as an institution, what challenges we face in understanding our ingrained prejudices and institutional deficits, and what becoming anti-racist should look like as we move forward with our journey to become a better institution.

Please feel invited to reach out to me (copying Serena Lu at should you wish to become a part of this active team.


What Does That Mean?

ABAR -- Anti-Bias Anti-Racism

BIPOC -- Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Created by

Marie Slabyundefined
SAS Puxi High School Librarian